• “Steine anhäufen”
    “أنا أكدّس الحجارة”
  • “Piling Up Stones”
  • A man who has arrived in Berlin after fleeing the conflict in Syria shares his personal experiences through the act of piling up cobblestones. Piles of stones are found all over the world and may play the role of signposts, memorials, or symbols of prayer, while in Japan they may represent the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead or mourning for the departed, as in the story of children stacking stones on the banks of the Sanzu River. Taking inspiration from Stolperstein- an ongoing project by German artist, Gunter Demnig to install brass plates amid paving stones on streets in commemoration of victims of Nazi persecution, this video installation interweaves elements from Germany, Syria, and Japan into a multi-layered personal narrative.
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Piling Up Stones

2020 / 4K / 15min video loop projection, cobblestones