• “Steine anhäufen”
    “أنا أكدّس الحجارة”
  • “Piling Up Stones”
  • What piled up stones means to you?
  • Many people have experienced playing with stones in childhood, piling up stones. Piled up stones can be seen in different landscapes and sights. Sometimes it is a signpost, sometimes it is a monument, sometimes it shows ownership of the land, sometimes it is a mark of wish. In Japan, sometimes it is a border between life and death and a monument to mourn someone.
  • The work featuring the man from Syria includes cobblestones which I found characteristic of Berlin, and it is inspired by Stolperstein, a work by Gunter Demnig which commemorates the victims of Nazi persecution.
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Piling Up Stones

2019 work in progress / 4K / 15min video loop projection, cobblestones