• “Steine anhäufen”
    “أنا أكدّس الحجارة”
  • “Piling Up Stones”
  • A man displaced to Berlin by armed conflict in Syria tells his personal story with an act of piling up stones. Piled up stones can be seen in different landscapes and sights. Sometimes it is a signpost, it is a monument, it is a mark of wish. In Japan, sometimes it is a border between life and death and a monument to mourn someone. The work is inspired by Stolperstein, a work by Gunter Demnig which he covered cobblestones with brass plates to commemorate the victims of Nazi persecution, which weaves the personal story in multiple layers from historical and cultural elements of Germany, Syria, and Japan.
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Piling Up Stones

2019 work in progress / 4K / 15min video loop projection, cobblestones