• A screening version from the installation ‘The Figure : PART II To Darkness’.
  • The word ‘seeing’ and ‘the image’ are not only based on optical aspects but on total human perception toward the simultaneous existence of inside and outside.
  • After spending a number of hours in a blackened room, a man was able to memorize in detail the position of objects, the distances between them and their shapes: the figures of the room. He was even able to play tennis for the first time with short practice.
  • Although his eyes don’t see anything, he can see everything.
  • He experiences the black room.
  • He remembers the room.
  • He plays tennis for the first time.
  • He types in the dark.
  • The imagination is re-constructed with memory. In this process, the image is renewing themselves.
  • (He is blind.)

Blackness reflects Lightness. I see its figure. Nothingness doesn’t mean Darkness.

2015 - 2016 / HD / stereo / 16’23″